Wedding Party

Elenna Reyes


Elenna and Lexi met back in 2013, where they attended Ionian Village in Greece. From day one, they had an immediate connection. The friendship between them was instantaneous. They were beyond blessed to share many memories and adventures together over the years despite the distance between Salt Lake City and Chicago. George and Lexi chose Elenna & Aleko to be their Koumbari because of the love and trust they have for them as a couple. The bride and groom have an immense amount of respect for these two individuals and couldn’t be more excited to have them be a part of their lives eternally.

Aleko Kontos


Keeping true to the Ionian Village matchmaking trend, Aleko was another lifelong friend to cross paths with Lexi and Elenna the summer of 2013 in Greece. Aleko and George met later during his and Elenna’s engagement party in Maryland. They immediately hit it off as if they had known each other for years. Aleko has a personality that easily blends with all who have the pleasure of meeting him. His personality exudes a happiness that is warm and welcoming to others. George and Lexi know that with Aleko and Elenna by their side, they will be challenged to be the best they can be as Orthodox Christians and as husband and wife.

Anastasia Chaus

Maid of Honor

Anastasia is the older sister of the bride. To put it simply she is the most loving, honest, and supportive person according to Lexi. From the time they were little girls, Lexi and Tasia have been inseparable. As best friends, they have always relied on one another for support and guidance through all of life many challenges. Lexi could not be happier that her sister will be standing by her side as her Maid of Honor for one of the most beautiful days of her life as she starts a new chapter with George.

Christos Kyriazi

Best Man

Christos (Chris) is the oldest of the Kyriazi siblings. He is an incredible brother and has an unbreakable bond with George. The groom has always looked up to him for his endless love and support. Over the years together they have enjoyed sharing conversations about everything from Star Wars to Wall Street Journal articles. George feels truly honored to have Chris by his side as his best-man.

Amalia Chaus

Flower Girl

Amalia is the adorable niece of the bride and daughter of Christopher and Vasiliki Chaus. This little girl brings an immense amount of joy and laughter wherever she goes; not to mention a little attitude. You can catch her preparing the aisle with flower petals for her Thea Lexi on her special day.

Flora Vasiliou

Flower Girl/Child

Flora is the darling niece of the groom and daughter of John and Renee Vasiliou. George has enjoyed watching her grow up over the past two years, while attending medical school in Philadelphia. She brings so much joy and happiness to the bride and groom. Get excited to see her debut as a flower girl!

Constantine Chaus

Ring Bearer

Constantine is the handsome ring bearer. He is the son of Christopher & Vasiliki Chaus. At 3 years old, he is a lover of sports and is in the starting lineup for anything involving any type of ball. This little man has the sweetest soul and warm smile. You can keep an eye out for his head full of curls as he walks down the aisle with the rings for Theo George.

Dimosthenes "Dimaki" Vasiliou

Stefana Carrier

Dimaki is another little guy you'll see walking down the aisle with the Stefana (crowns). He is the son of John and Renee Vasiliou. He is a lover of sports, with a few of his favorite teams being the 76ers, and Philadelphia Eagles. George is hoping to greet him at the end of the aisle before he steals the hearts of the guests. Fly Eagles Fly!

Morgan Hamilton


Morgan has been Lexi’s partner in crime for nearly 18 years. After first meeting in elementary school, they have remained close friends through the years. Both Morgan and the bride have always shared a love for dogs, hiking, and shopping. Lexi loves Morgan’s loyal heart and couldn’t be happier to have her standing by her side at the altar. Keep an ear out for Morgan's stories of their adventures as kids, which will no doubt be filled with embarrassing tales from all of their memories growing up together.

Kate Racker


Kate is a long time friend of the bride who has a contagious personality. They met at Utah State University while both studying during their undergraduate years. Over time, they have cultivated a wonderful friendship, which was easy to do with someone who is beautiful inside and out. Lexi considers Kate to be one of her closest friends, as they shared a lot of days together in college learning how to navigate adulthood through highs and lows. The bride feels very fortunate to have someone like Kate standing with her on her wedding day.

Maria Kyriazi


Maria is George’s younger sister. She is incredibly fun-loving and shares a passion for the outdoors with her brother. She is the glue that holds everything together and is always there for her loved ones. George looks up to Maria for her ability to always find the positives in all situations, with her patient and carefree personality. The bride and groom are honored to have her standing at the altar with them on the big day.

Christopher Chaus


Christopher is the brother of the bride to be. He is known to be a goofball who can make everyone around him laugh endlessly. Lexi’s favorite childhood memory of her brother is when he taught her how to ride a bike. She has always looked up to him for his cheerful, lively and hilarious personality. The bride and groom are thrilled to have him be part of their special day!

Photi Kyriazi


Photi is the second youngest of George’s brothers. He is the tallest, brightest and most relaxed out of the Kyriazi boys. Photi and George have loved having debates about philosophical issues and unanswered questions in life. Out of all the brothers, Photi challenges George to venture outside of his comfort zone and pushes him to grow to his full potential. The groom to be values Photi’s support throughout life and future endeavors and feels very blessed to have him standing at the alter by his side.

Michael Kyriazi


Michael is the youngest brother in the Kyriazi clan. He is the sibling that is good at literally everything. Michael excels in life while still staying humble and kind. Even though when it comes to sports the competitive side comes out among brothers, the time is always well spent together. The groom loves playing X-Box, shooting hoops, or staying up watching YouTube videos with Michael whenever he is home in Denver. George feels lucky to have such a great younger brother and best buddy to stand by his side on his wedding day.
Ana Sharpe